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     It's all about your net worth.

Financial Health
Starts With a Checkup

No one wants a physical, but we all need one now and then, just to keep tabs on our well being. Your finances deserve nothing less, and determining your net worth is a good first step. It's all about keeping track of your overall financial health.

NetworthIQ is a social personal finance manager designed to make monitoring your net worth easy and, dare we say it, maybe even fun. Heck, it's even FREE! Sign up for your FREE account now!


Looking for more comparison data? The comparison report now features the ability to drill down into every category on the balance sheet (like cash, stocks, home, credit cards, etc.). Up until now, we've only offered comparisons for overall net worth data, so you're invited to dig in and see the finer grained details.


realdonaldtrump $1,018,000,000 CabinGuy $1,687,000 Atlantas_richest $1,116,000,000 AliceOliver $1,463,180 Treadingh2o $345,604 20thmaine $1,775,000 savealot $502,834 muuminen $500,800 N1kk1andy $325,600 Workhard4mymoney $508,790