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MillDec 17 pooablo Thanks Mill! It looks like you are on track too. It has been a great year so far.
Atlantas_richestOct 17 Atlantas_richest Sara Blakely. Founder, Spanx. Real Time Net Worth — as of 11/17/17. $1.16 B.
pooabloOct 17 Mill congrats on half a mill buddy. Cheers and best wishes.
sertraSep 17 sertra This was posted on the last day of September - so numbers are a bit skewed as its been more than a month since last post.
LALegalTeamAug 17 pooablo Congrats on paying off your student loan!
MillAug 17 pooablo Thank you for the supportive comments and I am practicing accepting that life is a bumpy journey. I'm glad to see that things are going well with you. Cheers.
JungleJun 17 Jungle Thank you!!
pooabloMay 17 Mill sorry about your luck Pooablo. Keep your head up. You've done well, treat yourself sometimes. Cheers.
JungleJun 17 SHMILY Awesome, another Canadian LEO! Great job on your mortgage paydown.
latebuyerDec 16 latebuyer 10000 for mortgage