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Atlantas_richestJul 17Bryan Ray Norris' has an estimated net worth of $6,825,750.00 Million Dollars. With Total Assets around $7,023,750.00 Million Assets: Cash $178,898 - - Stocks $88,567 - - Bonds $50,000 - - Annuities $750,000 - - Retirement $0 - - Home $0 - - Oth [...]
Justorlando1Dec 17Ready!! Offer Accepted 119K LV= .650 S=.5 G=20K Iri= 1.5 C= 8K
Atlantas_richestOct 17Sara Blakely. * Founder, Spanx. Real Time Net Worth ? as of 11/17/17. $1.16 B.
bppNov 17Household income is wife $55,000 + me $70,000 = $125,000.
AubreyNov 17Annuities - 529 plan Using kbb value to value car Purchased our current home on March 1 - took a $15K TSP loan to help with downpayment and $25K from svgs for downpayment Took out a 0% loan to buy a new bed and mattress - will be paid off by June 2018
irahussOct 17Sold condo paid loans
veg4lifeNov 17Credit card debt is WAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY up...we bought a new furnace (applied for the Chase Sapphire card in order to get a $500 bonus, though). Everything else is pretty much business as usual. Our cash will soon take a very large hit though and the [...]
migcast1Nov 17Total Stocks from Kinder Morgan are 363 shares. These shares are included in the Retirement Section (under Vangaurd outside investments) Annuites is from KM pension savings plan ($12057). Other Assets is Texas Bay Area Credit Union Savings. Home Value i [...]
ticketbrokerOct 17cars = 2015 Tesla S P85, + 2015 Honda Pilot + 2011 Audi Q5 personal property = 2017 mastercraft boat + other assets other real estate = office(220K), duplex(300K), grandfathers condo(80K), mother in law house(140K) = 740K retirement = 401K annuities = [...]
LALegalTeamOct 17Reducing monthly expenses and stock market driving net worth. Update: We saved about $200,700 over the past 12 months and our retirement accounts grew by about $460,000 over the same period for an ROI of 130%. DEFINITIONS: Cash is net of credit [...]