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Princess91879Sep 17As of 9/19/17.
cmwebster1016Sep 17Back to 50% into retirement funds. Have an adoption attorney on retainer and signing up with agencies this week.
AubreySep 17Annuities - 529 plan Using kbb value to value car Purchased our current home on March 1 - took a $15K TSP loan to help with downpayment and $25K from svgs for downpayment
veg4lifeSep 17Cash is down a little, but we paid a couple of the credit cards early this month and also had 3 mortgage payments come out of the checking account. Retirement (and the stock market in general) continues to grow at an unbelievable rate!!
OvercomerSep 17New Entry: Data from SEPTEMBER 14, 2017 $2,400 medical bill and $2,500 for an international trip charged to 0% APR CC. Auto payments set up to be paid off by end of 0% introductory offer. ------------------------------------------------------------- [...]
fiSep 17Totaled Q5
gramitySep 17Updated September 15, 2017. Markets still sagging. Slow and steady pay down of mortgage and car loan continues.
cg1185dcSep 17Still putting the majority of savings into cash at this point. I want a specific savings account that we have to hit a 20k (currently 14.7k) balance. After that goal is achieved the monthly amounts for stocks and bonds will increase. Home value contin [...]
CasablancePhilAug 17Other debt is Best Egg $18,500 401k Loan $3,300 Synchrony $2,500 Total Consumer Debt of $100,300 Total Debt of $474,800
irahussAug 17Sold condo paid loans