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KarankawaJan 17Still holding quite a bit of cash. Monthly spending up quite a bit. We reached agreement with spouse about how to split assets in case of divorce, but allows her to spend more. Also allowed myself to spend on minor home projects. Spending is up.
tedduneJan 03New year. Had several bumps.
urbanspanDec 17Dow 25,803 01/12/2017 close 75/25 stock/bond/
gammjDec 17Cash = A mix of cash on hand, chequing, savings, spending credit cards, etc (Mix of CAD/USD) Stocks = Margin/Non Registered Investments (Primarily CAD/USD) Bonds = TFSAs (CAD) Retirement = RRSP/GRRSP/DPSP/DCPP (CAD/USD) Home = Last [...]
inlovehappilyDec 17We got some Christmas money and it will be going to paying off some of the CC debt. The solor loan is coming and I want to free up our cash. We are doing the final push on the Casita for some paying out of town guests. Probably spending to much.we have [...]
hankDec 17Dow 25.5k. euro around 1.2 staying put BUH owed 575 by bro. EU - 5k last year+ 4k this year + 11k sale still owed 1400 but unlikely to actually be paid by x for now still hasn't written it off). bonds=Ibonds. other = 529 not updated below: [...]
money_mattersDec 17need to get savings in for wedding. Not saving as much continued....
Workhard4mymoneyJan 03Credit Cards are paid off each month or have zero percent APR. Other Assets represent 529 plan.
BeeLoveJan 03401K actual balance is in the retirement number. I now have a $26,809 loan that I will pay back to my 401K. So loan not recorded here, but my retirement should go up quicker than normal (which should offset the decline in the stock market that is way ov [...]
nonfinancialadvisorDec 17Well we paid a boat load of taxes at the end of the year, so it's good to have that off our plate. There will be more to pay come spring, but we should be ready for that. The BWS year closed out pretty strong, and the markets have been rolling, so thos [...]