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NJ vs. PA: Is living in PA really cheaper than NJ.

Posted by FailureIsNotAnOption on 10/28/2009 at 11:12 AM | 3 answers | 2104 views
This question really for anyone who lives in the NJ/PA area of the northeast:

I can't help but notice all the PA license plates on the road here in northern NJ commuting in the morning. I know a few people that sold everything and moved right across the border to PA. Suposedly houses are cheaper, taxes are cheaper, cost of living, insurance, and income taxes are all cheaper.

Is there anyone on this board who has moved to PA from NJ but still work in NJ? Just wondering what the real world benefits are. Is it really a better quality of life and is it really that much better financially?



What you can be sure of is that it's not worse.
I used to live in NJ and now I live in Long Island. NJ has the most expensive car insurance rates in the country, and NY is not too far behind. I have also noticed an abundance of PA plates in NJ, Long Island and NYC. I believe that most of these people are committing insurance fraud (using friends' and/or relatives' addresses as their primary residence). The rates in PA are much cheaper.
I've only been in PA a short while, and real estate taxes in Chester County are killer, about 3x what they are in MD. Not sure about NJ.

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