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Net Worth Report for October 2011

Assets   $ Diff % Diff
Cash $20,703 $2,763 15.40 %
Stocks $23,636 ($2,003) -7.81 %
Bonds $13,365 $862 6.89 %
Annuities $0 $0 -
Retirement $65,062 ($3,226) -4.72 %
Home $0 $0 -
Other Real Estate $0 $0 -
Cars $0 $0 -
Personal Property $0 $0 -
Other $785 ($281) -26.36 %
Total Assets $123,551 ($1,885) -1.50 %
Debts   $ Diff % Diff
Home Mortgage(s) $0 $0 -
Other Mortgage(s) $0 $0 -
Student Loans $0 $0 -
Credit Card $0 $0 -
Car Loans $0 $0 -
Other $0 $0 -
Total Debts $0 $0 -
Net Worth $123,551 ($1,885) -1.50 %
Net Worth History Chart
Monthly Entry
More bad market news make my net worth go down again. These last 2 months have been killers. I guess that means Im buying shares cheaply? At least prescious metals took a beat down. Now I might actually meet someone who wants to sell some. 2011 was shaping up to be a very good year. But I cant really afford another down month, or I will start to question whether frugality is really worth it once networth is more affected by the market than by contributions. I have some extra cash, and instead of keeping it as cash to save for a car, I think I might like it in the market. I may do that in October.


Hey Mill. Don't worry about the market fluctuations! You're thinking long-term remember? It IS a good idea to look at the low stock prices as opportunities. Frugality definitely is the way to go.

I'm having a decent year myself. I broke the 100k mark but the last few months have plunged me below. I'm not worried about it cause I know that when the market rebounds, it's gonna make my networth look awesome. I also have to deal with a volatile exchange rate being in South Korea, but I know that things will eventually get better. Keep up your great progress this year!
thanks Expat!
I empathize with you Mill. Hang on in there. Rather than worry about your net worth, focus on what you can control like your monthly expenses. Keep up the good work! In any event, I am sure the pick-up in the markets during the month of October will be a boost for your confidence.

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