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The year in review

Posted by dnp9529 on 12/21/2007 at 6:02 PM | 0 comments | 371 views
The year 2007 hasn't been a bad one despite an evidently slowing Kiwi economy. I managed to tick off a few things in my 3B1 notebook where I keep track of my goals.

Here is a review of my financial goals:

Goal: Increase networth to $50,000
Result: $46,355
Comments: Okay, so I am $3,645 short but if you look at the overall picture, in December 2006, I only had a networth of $26,868. This is an increment of almost $20,000 or 173%.

Goal: Invest in the sharemarket
Result: I have holdings in two ETF index funds worth $3,101
Comments: I decided to go with index shares in the end because there is too much work involved to make individual share-trading a profitable venture.

Goal: Work towards a promotion and pay rise
Result: Got a promotion and 10% pay rise
Comments: The reward for a job well done is more work. ;-)

Goal: Move into a nicer accommodation
Result: Renting a room in a two-bedroom flat for $145 per week excluding expenses since March
Comments: This is a much bigger and cheaper place than where I was living before although utility expenses vary at the current place. Still happy as it's close to work, at a quiet location and relatively close to all amenities.

Goal: Buy a house before I turn 28
Result: On-track
Comments: This is a big goal but I think that I am on track to achieving this as I have about three more years to save up for a sizable deposit and other related costs and learn as much as I can about the house-buying process.

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