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Privacy Policy

updated July 13, 2005

NetworthIQ is concerned about your privacy and values the trust you place in us to handle your information with honesty and integrity. By visiting, you are accepting the practices outlined in this Privacy Policy.

What type(s) of information does NetworthIQ collect about me?

We collect only the information that you provide us through the use of the site and its services, either through your direct submission of information (i.e. your net worth updates and account info) or the indirect information provided automatically through your interactions with the NetworthIQ site. This information is used to further enhance and improve the NetworthIQ site and its services. We collect the following:

What Are Cookies?

At least in the computer world, a cookie is a string of letters and numbers that is passed to your web browser and stored on your computer's hard drive so that we can recognize and personalize our services for you on your next and subsequent visits. These cookies cannot harm your computer and are limited to a very small size so that they do not take up much space on your hard drive.

If you choose to, you can disable these cookies in most modern browsers (or have the browser notify you when a site is attempting to give your browser a cookie). You can check the help menu on your browser or reference your browser's documentation for more about the disabling or notifying of cookies. If you do decide to disable cookies in your browser, be aware that you will miss out on most of the more useful and entertaining features of most websites, including NetworthIQ. For this reason, we highly recommend that you leave support for cookies turned on.

What Will You Do With Information You Collect?

The primary goal of NetworthIQ is to provide you with a tool for calculating and tracking your own net worth. In order to protect your privacy, we do not collect any personal identifying information other than your email address. Your information remains yours and will not be shared with others unless you choose to make your profile public, in which case only your net worth info is shared, not your personal email address. We are sincerely concerned about earning your trust and maintaining your privacy.

Since the secondary goal of NetworthIQ is to be a socially aware system, we do reserve the right to share information in aggregate with others on the website and/or other sites and services, only if we can do so without revealing your personal identifying information. For example, we might share aggregate data about the average net worth of a particular zip code from our database, but not information about individual users' net worth.

In some cases, we may also share information with other companies or agents acting on our behalf to perform specific functions, such as the analysis of data or the support of our internal processes (i.e. sending email or creating aggregates). In these cases, other companies or agents may have access to user information yet will be bound by contract and agreement not to make use of the information for any other purposes.

If NetworthIQ were to acquire or be acquired by another company, any user data collected would be seen as an asset of the company and would likely be transferred to the acquiring company as part of the business transaction.

To protect our users and NetworthIQ, we may release personal information when required by law or when the act of not releasing the information could jeopardize the safety, rights or property of NetworthIQ, our users or others. This does not include the selling, sharing or otherwise disclosing of personally identifying information for commercial purposes as outlined in this Privacy Policy.

Can Advertisers See My Information?

While we do have advertising on some of our web pages, we do not provide any personal information about our users to any of our advertisers. These advertisers do, however, typically use cookies to track the viewing of ads and fall under the same limits of cookie restrictions as mentioned above (see "What Are Cookies?"). We do not have control over the information collected by these third-party advertisers, nor do we provide them with any information.

How Do I Keep My Information Private?

All of your information is kept private until you choose to create a public profile, at which time only your general net worth statistics are made public and your personal information (i.e. email address) continues to remain private. You can add or remove this public profile at any time simply by going to the My Account page and either checking or unchecking the "Make public profile" button on the form.

Age Restrictions

NetworthIQ is designed for persons age 18 years and older. Use of the site by users under the age of 18 years is not permitted.

Terms of Use, Notices, and Revisions

By visiting the site and/or using its services, your visit and any dispute over privacy is subject to this Policy and our Terms of Use, including limitations on damages, arbitration of disputes, and application of the law of the state of Oregon. If you have any privacy concerns, please send a detailed description to:

Fourio LLC
PO Box 23862
Portland, OR 97281-3862

As the NetworthIQ site grows and changes, our business will change as well and we reserve the right to change this Privacy Policy and the Terms of Service as needed to accomodate these business changes. We will e-mail occasional reminders of our policies and terms to you at the email address you have provided in your account, but we encourage you to check our web site frequently to keep up with any changes. Unless stated otherwise, our current Privacy Policy applies to all information that we have about you and your account. We are committed to maintaining our users' privacy and will never modify our policies and practices to lessen the protections placed on user information previously collected without general consent of our affected users.

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